7 Amazing Minion DIY Projects You Need to Know


2. Marshmallow Pops

Complete your Minion themed birthday party with cute and delicious marshmallow pops. All you need is 12 pieces of marshmallows (large), two cups of candy melt (yellow of course), 24 small or large candy eyeballs, a tube of Betty Crocket Black icing (with fitted writers tip) and sucker sticks.

Follow the candy melt’s directions, and melt the candy melts microwave. Make sure you put them on a microwave-safe bowl. Dip one end of the stick to the candy melt and press it to the marshmallow.

Dip the whole marshmallow to the candy melt and let it cool. Use scissors to cut Fruit Roll-ups into 1/2-inch ribbons. Wrap the bottom of the marshmallow and make it stick to the candy melt. Add the features and details and them dry.

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