7 Amazing Places For You To Explore

There are particular places we all dream of having the opportunity of visiting.  But there are certain people among us who say that places like London and Paris are now inundated with tourists.  They believe that you won’t enjoy your time in them.

But the trut is that it is pretty impossible to visit any place these days that won’t have been untouched by tourism.  Places that were once considered to be remote have been come more accessible via car, train or plane.  But there are still a few places that haven’t been over run by visits and below we look at just a few.

1.  Isle of Skye, Scotland

Isle of Skye

This island is located off Scotland’s west coast and has retained a lot of its natural beauty.  During your time here why not spend it exploring Dunvegan Castle as well as exploring Portree’s colourful streets.  Then rest a while with some delicious fish and chips and a dram or two of whiskey.

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