7 Creative Ways to Tie a Scarf You Most Likely Haven’t Heard About

A scarf is one of the most versatile accessories you can add to your closet. It is functional but can add a lot of fashionable appeal to an outfit. Scarves also come in a variety of fabric types, texture, color and design, which renders more versatility with its use. But did you know that the versatility of a scarf does not end there? You can try a hundred different possibilities when it comes to tying a scarf; however, listed here are 7 of the most popular ways you can wear a scarf to enhance your outfit.


1. The Shawl

This is one of the most common ways to wear a scarf. It requires a wide, unfolded scarf with one end placed on one of your shoulders. Create the triangle look by letting the other corner of the scarf hang freely in front. Wrap the other end of the scarf to your back and then bring it front to tie it together into a knot. You can do this tying technique with any type of scarf but ones with fringed ends work best to create more accent.

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