7 Different Ways To Say I Love You

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When it comes to love, saying “I love you” is easier than expressing it through your actions. But with a growing number of failed relationships, there is a higher insistence on showing love without the use of words. It does not take a hopeless romantic in order to understand the difference of showing love versus saying it. If you are currently in a relationship and would love to sweep your partner off her feet, or if you are trying to win over a girl, you can definitely learn a thing or two from these 7 tips on how to say I love you without saying it.

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1. Write them a Note

In this digital age, a lot of couples communicate through text messages, chat or email. In fact, most even express their love for each other through posts on Facebook or Instagram (among other social media sites!). But if you want to show your sincere love for your significant other, writing them a note is one way to do that. There is no need to go out and buy a Hallmark card! They will be more appreciative if you write a note in your own words! It does not have to be a lengthy note either, just simple words that will make them feel special will do.

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2. Cook Their Favorite Dish

Don’t wait for a special occasion to cook for your loved one. Invite them over to your place for a mid-week dinner and treat them to their favorite dish!


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3. Support Them

It is part of human nature to seek support from others. Therefore, you can inspire your loved one in any endeavor in life by giving them the support they need. It can be in their professional job, hobbies or anything else that makes them happy, supporting each other will draw your closer too.

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4. Say Thank You

In connection above, when your partner shows support and encouragement, it is important to say “thank you”. A sense of gratitude in a relationship is crucial in making your relationship healthier for each other. Make sure to give thanks for even the little things, not just for the grander efforts they put in.

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5. Hug Them… Always!

Kisses are an expected part of a romantic relationship. However, hugs are considered more comforting and a good way to make your partner feel special. Hence, don’t be thrifty with them when it comes to hugging- hug them every chance you get!


6. Random Surprises

Planning a surprise party for your significant other’s birthday or during your anniversary is sweet. However, there is nothing sweeter than random surprises – acts that make an ordinary day turn extraordinary! You do not have to go on fancy dates. For men, you can buy her a bouquet of her favorite flowers on non-occasion dates. For women, you can buy him a ticket to his favorite ball game and you can watch his favorite team play together!

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7. Spend Time with Them

Of all the gifts that you can give, there is nothing better than spending quality time with your partner to effectively show you love them. In this fast paced world wherein everyone is constantly running against time, you know someone loves you when they are able to set aside their other priorities for you!

Which of these 7 different ways is your go-to technique for showcasing your love to your significant other?

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