7 Fool-Proof Tips to Sell Your Car Fast. Tips that Are More Effective than Newspaper Ads.

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Selling your used car online, and by yourself is the easiest and most practical way to get the most money out of your car. It’s no rocket science; all you need is prep your car, a little computer knowledge and some time and effort. Here are seven easy tips to get your car noticed and close a successful deal online.

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1. Commit to Selling and Prepare Your Car

Treat the selling the way you treat tasks and projects at work. Putting your car out there is not enough, you need to lure people and get their interest. It requires full engagement, you can’t cut corners.

The best start to prepare your car is to wash your car. Nobody likes to drive a dirty vehicle.

vehicle documents

2. Gather the Documents

Obviously, buyers will look for the car’s documents, so make sure you have yours ready, especially the title and bill of sale. Also, make sure the car is inspected, include the inspection report, maintenance record and warranty documents, if available.


right price

3. Price It Right

You can start by doing your homework and researching for the “right” price. Right price doesn’t meant the money you want to get from your used car, but the fair price that the market considers and average buyers are willing to pay.

Be honest and fair, put yourself in the shoes of the buyers – would you buy the vehicle for its price tag considering its age, condition and market value? Car selling sites such as AutoTrader.com and Kelly Blue Book (KBB) offers up-to-date and reliable information for vehicle’s market value.



4. Write a Compelling and Comprehensive Description

Be creative and thorough in writing your car’s description. Again, take your time on researching for ideas online and see what others do on their ads. Don’t write about the obvious, such as fully working aid conditioning, power windows, and door locks. Rather, feature what you truly love about your vehicle. Personalize your description with your experiences. Include keywords, such as “very low mileage” or “extremely fuel efficient.” For the most part, car purchases are emotional. Play with that part and you will get people excited.

Keep the ad short and concise, about 5 sentences will do. Also, disclose the reason why you’re selling it. Make sure you use proper grammar. Again, be honest.

lots of pictures

5. Take Photos, Lot of It

Your photos are what people will first look at online, and that’s how they evaluate a car online. Take advantage of your camera and showcase your vehicle through photos, it is your primary marketing tool online. Highlight the best details of the vehicle. Take your vehicle out on a clear day and snap photos on a well-lighted spot. If possible, include an attractive background. Of course, be honest with your photos; don’t hide any damage or blemishes, and NEVER use Photoshop to enhance your car’s photos.



6. Get the Word Out

Now that you have your compelling description and a good set of high quality photos, it is time to get the word out. Share your car description, along with its photos online, especially in car listing websites such as NADA Guides, AutoTrader, Autobytel, Cars, CarSoup, CarMax. You can also share it on Craigslist and of course, on your social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Some of your friends online may be interested.



7. Be Responsive and Answer Questions from Your Potential Buyers

Expect for questions and clarifications about your car, there will be lots of it. Also, keep your lines open. Potential buyers may reach you private message on your social media accounts, email, phone call, or text. Respond to these questions thoughtfully. Attending to people’s questions is part of the selling process. Make it an easy and pleasant experience for your potential buyers.


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