7 Ideas for Starbucks-Inspired K-Cup Brews at Home


Hot drinks are the ultimate choice of comfort drink for the cold weather. When it is raining or you want to be cozy, what drink do you usually have in mind? Yes, either a cup of coffee or hot chocolate drink. However, the idea of driving to the nearest Starbucks will not appeal to you. The best solution for that? Brew your own coffee drinks at home. Also, it can be a little too impractical to keep driving to Starbucks for your coffee cravings. With a coffee machine, you can easily re-create your own favorite Starbuck coffee brews at home.

Be your own barista at home with these fun K-cup brew recipes at home without drilling a hole in your pocket. These K-cup recipes are great for making coffee at a single serving so you can optimize each brew.

66 K-Cup Caramel Macchiato

This is quite possibly one of the most popular and sought after coffee blends not just in Starbucks, but in any coffee shop in the world. Hence, it is imperative that you learn this recipe at home. A recipe for caramel macchiato will require the following ingredients: brewed coffee, steamed milk, sugar, caramel syrup, artificial vanilla flavoring and whipped cream (if you want to go the extra mile and really bring Starbucks into your home). Make sure to adjust the serving to your usual coffee brewing experience if you intend to make a K-cup or single serve brew.

When you are done brewing the coffee, pour milk into a cup and heat at the microwave oven. In a single container, combine the brewed coffee with the milk and caramel syrup. Add sugar in small increments so you can adjust the sweetness. Finish off your caramel macchiato with whipped cream and more drizzle of the caramel syrup at the top. Did you know that by making your own caramel macchiato you can save about $4 for each time you buy them from Starbucks? Yes, you better get brewing now! Check this other homemade K-cup brew recipe that is easy to do at home…


K-Cup Mocha

This is yet another sought after coffee blend from Starbucks that is easy to do at home. No need to drive outside in order to get your cravings satisfied as you will learn the recipe to brewing a K-cup serving of homemade mocha when the craving kicks in.

So, how exactly do you make a homemade mocha drink that is better but less expensive than Starbucks? You’ll start off with a quarter a cup of organic chocolate chips or chopped chocolate shavings, milk, coffee, and sugar or other sweeteners. Combine the milk and chocolate and heat in a microwave. Mix the two ingredients until the chocolate melts into the milk. Brew a K-cup sized serving of coffee. Add chocolate into the coffee.

You can add a whipped cream into the topping, if you like, but this recipe is as close as you can get to mocha drinks at Starbucks. And you did not have to spend $4 for a single serving cup. Win-win for you!

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K-Cup Frappucino

When it comes to Starbucks-inspired coffee drinks, there is nothing more iconic than the Frappuccino. Whether it is hot or raining, Starbucks customers are ordering this fameddrink. But there is no need to give your barista the order as you can now make this recipe at home (and it is way easier than you think!).

To make your own K-cup serving of Frappuccino, you will need these ingredients: instant coffee granules, vanilla flavored coffee creamer, fat-free milk and ice cubes. Toss all ingredients into a blender so they are processed thoroughly. Once the mixture is smooth, toss in the sweeteners into the mixture (adjust to your preferred level of sweetness).

There really is no magic to this recipe! The next time you are tempted to drive to Starbucks and spend $3, put that $3 back into your own pocket because it is easy to make your own at home. If you are into something more flavored coffee drinks, there’s another classic recipe worth a try.

22K-Cup Peppermint Hot Chocolate

With the holiday season drawing closer, there is one flavored chocolate drink that is coveted for in Starbucks during this particular time of the year: peppermint hot chocolate.There is nothing like sipping on a hot and cozy chocolate drink and sniffing onto the refreshing scent of peppermint to remind you of Christmas and the holiday spirit. But even when it’s not the holiday season, you can easily make this recipe at home when your craving kicks in.

For this, you will be heating cocoa powder, sugar, salt, cinnamon and water in a pan over medium heat. Keep mixing until the mixture is of a smooth texture (approximately 5 minutes over the heat). Add milk and reduce the mixture for about 5 minutes. After that, you can add the vanilla extracts. Keep whipping the hot chocolate mixture until it achieves that foamy texture.

Now that you know how to make this recipe, you can serve up a K-cup mixture to remind you of the holidays. And speaking of popular drinks for the holidays, you will want to try this next recipe at home.


K-Cup Cinnamon Dolce Latte

Cinnamon is a universally loved flavor. And it is even more popular during the holiday season as the warmth and coziness of sipping on a cinnamon latte drink in the cold weather is so relaxing and homey. It’s no wonder the cinnamon dolce latte has become a staple at Starbucks! But who has the luxury to spend $5 with every order of this drink from Starbucks?

If you answered no, you will love this recipe! Simmer water and cinnamon in a pan over very low heat. Whisk often to ensure that the cinnamon flavor is well incorporated into the water. Once you have your cinnamon syrup ready, seal it in a container and store in a refrigerator. You can now use the cinnamon syrup with maple syrup together with hot coffee and milk or cream.

Pour the latte mixture into a K-cup with every sip taking you into frothy milk heaven! If cinnamon is not your “cup of tea”, maybe chai tea latte is. Continue scrolling for the full recipe…


K-Cup Chai Tea Latte

If you love tea and you love coffee, chai tea latte is a Starbucks-inspired drink that you can easily whip up at home. There are many reasons to love the chai tea latte from Starbucks – it offers a wonderful concoction of flavors: sweet, milky, fresh and a hint of spice!

The secret is out of the bag with this recipe. Start off by preparing the chai tea syrup. First off, boil some water and add in the tea bags and let it sit for 10 minutes. Adjust the number of tea bags according to your desired size of serving. For a K-cup serving, one tea bag will do. Remove the tea bags and pour in sugar. Let the mixture simmer for another 10 minutes in medium-high heat. Once the mixture has been reduced to half, set the mixture aside in room temperature.

For the latte, pour a few tablespoons of the syrup above into your K-cup. At this point, you can heat milk in a pan until you see bubbles form at the edges. Pour the milk into a blender and pulse it to aerate the milk. Add the hot milk to the syrup and grind some cinnamon on top, if you want to re-create that Starbucks feel at home.

Last but not the least, try brewing this classic recipe from Starbucks without spending a dime…


K-Cup Iced Coffee

A hot coffee K-cup in hand might be cozy, but iced caffeine is just as comforting. Hence, Starbucks’ iced coffee serving are selling out in their branches worldwide. There is nothing more classic than a K-cup serving of iced coffee. But more than $2 a cup is a little steep for the budget-conscious coffee lovers out there. Thankfully, you do not need to shell out that much cash whenever you need your caffeine fix. You can brew your own coffee at home instead.

Start by mixing ground coffee with water in a container. Leave it overnight (or for 8 hours) to sit. Use cheesecloth with a mesh strainer and pour the mixture over to a container. You need to allow the strained coffee mixture to sit yet again. Now that your coffee is ready, pour it into your K-cup and add a few ice cubes. Ideally, the coffee should fill 2/3 of the K-cup. Add a few tablespoons of milk and stir thoroughly. Voila! Your iced coffee is ready for your enjoyment!

Which of these Starbucks-inspired coffee blends are you aching to try at home?