Places in Norway You Have to See to Believe

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Norway is easily one of the most beautiful places on Earth, there’s no doubt about that. It’s a great once-in-a-lifetime destination that captures the hearts of its guests through its simplicity. From the majestic mountains down to its world-famous fjords, all the way to the modern, yet picturesque cities, this country is full of vast and picture-perfect landscapes. The best thing about its beautiful destinations is that, they require different ways to reach and explore. You can reach them by foot, by car, bike or even by boat. You can pick from different living fairy tale places, like breathtaking wonders of nature, summer sun glistening on a colossal glacier, or the famed Northern Lights.

Here are the top seven places and things you can’t afford to miss when in Norway.

The Western Fjords

1. The Western Fjords

The good thing about the famous fjords of Norway is that, they are not exclusive to a particular region or location. Rather, they are found all throughout the country. The most famous and most dramatic however, are largely found in Western Norway, which stretches from Stavanger to Molde. These fjords may vary slightly on their appearance, but they are mostly narrow and surrounded by towering mountains, steep faces of rocks and are extremely deep. The most famous and most photographed of all is the Geirangerfjord, a UNESCO World Heritage site. The ferry ride to this lovely place offers the best view and experience of this fjord. Ferrying through this fjord is simply breathtaking.

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