Places in Norway You Have to See to Believe


3. Lofoten Islands

Located at the northern part of the country, the Lofoten Island is one of the most famous tourist destinations cities in Norway. And that says a lot, considering the number of picturesque places and cities you can find in this country. As a matter of fact, it is regarded as the most scenic place in Norway.

This place brags a unique combination of breathtaking scenery (which are forged for thousands of years) and the comfort of a cosmopolitan tourism. It’s not actually a single island; rather, it’s a group of islands with abrupt peaks the rises directly from the ocean. Though this archipelago’s latitude is the same with Greenland (which is crazy cold), residents and guests of this city gets to enjoy a relatively mild climate, thanks Gulf Stream’s circulation, which helps regular the climate in the islands at around 23° C in the summer.

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