Top 7 Amazing Dogs Recorded in History

A man’s best friend. This is a well known phrase used to refer to the most popular choice of pet for humans – dogs. Even though you think you know all there is to know about dogs, they will surprise you. Aside from their tremendous loyalty to humans, especially their master, there are a few interesting dog facts that will make you love them even more.

1. The Biggest Pitbull in the World

Hulk is a fitting name for the world’s biggest pitbull. Hulk is owned and raised by Dark Dynasty K9s, which is based in New Hampshire and known for breeding guard dogs. Hulk weighs in at an incredible 173.4 lbs. In fact, Hulk is so big that when it stands on its hind legs, it towers over its handler.

The handlers insist that despite the fact that American Pit Bull Terriers are naturally bred as fighting dogs, their animals have a calm temperament that make them ideal as pets or guard dogs. A video of Hulk was posted on YouTube and garnered over 1 million votes within only a week.

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