7 Reasons to Go on a Family Cruise… NOW!

cruise different locations

Reason 2: Traveling to more than one location

When you are on a cruise, there are instances wherein you will be docking into different countries and cities. Your kids will be excited to be able to travel to these different locations instead of traveling to just one location. As you move from one location to the next, there is always something different to try. One day you could be enjoying local seafood dishes at the Caribbean, or shopping souvenirs at a different island.

Princess Cruises for example, has quite a large fleet, with cruise ships ranging from 680 passengers (double occupancy) to 3600 passengers. Itineraries of their trip cover the world, as a matter of fact, it’s the leading line in Alaska cruising, and has regular trip to the Caribbean, Europe and Mexico, along with exotic voyages to Africa and Alaska.

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