7 Reasons to Go on a Family Cruise… NOW!

bang for the buck

Reason 4: More Bang For Your Buck!

With a family cruise, you can roll your travel expenses into one. You can already enjoy the amenities within the cruise ship and being able to travel to more than one country or location at a time is part of the deal.

The Carnival Cruise Line for example, is great for families looking for fun without spending a luxury. It perfectly combines the beauty of its destinations (Bahamas, Caribbean and Mexico) and three to seven-night affordable itineraries. As a matter of fact, when you time it right (off season, non-holiday periods), you can get around $30 to $50 per person per night. The Carnival cruise keeps its cabins simple, with plenty of standard cruise comfort both inside and out. Also, they have tons of plenty of free venues on board. Where else can you find a vacation experience wherein you pay for one but get to see or visit numerous spots? Definitely, only in a cruise!

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