7 Recipes to Infuse Olive Oils


Olive oil is one of the most popular oils used for cooking. It originated in the Mediterranean region until it grew in popularity in various parts of the world. One of the reasons why olive oil is the preferred choice for cooking is its richness in natural flavor and aroma. However, you can also try out infusion method to incorporate more flavor into the olive oil. These recipes are so easy to do that you can try them yourself at home using basic ingredients available in your own kitchen or garden.

Are you ready to take your olive oil to the next level? Scroll through these 7 recipes to find out which to try:

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Rosemary Olive Oil

This is one of the most popular recipes when it comes to infusing olive oil. This is also very easy to do. Simply stuff the rosemary sprigs into an empty bottle of oil. Set that aside while you heat the olive oil in a pan. Set the stove in medium heat so it is enough for a few bubbles to form. Let the oil sit and cool for about 10 minutes.

When the olive oil is still warm, pour it into the bottle where you placed the rosemary sprigs earlier. Seal the bottle. Place it inside a refrigerator overnight. The next day, you can now use the olive oil that has been infused with rosemary for everyday cooking or specific recipes like salad or for drizzling over bread.

If you’re not a fan of rosemary, there is another classic olive oil infusion recipe that you can try using another basic ingredient. To find out which it is, see the next recipe…


Lemon Olive Oil

To create the lemon olive oil infusion, you will need the peel of a lemon. You can use a paring knife or vegetable peeler to separate the skin from the meat, whichever you prefer. When peeling off the lemon, make sure you avoid the white pith underneath the skin as it can be bitter.

When your lemon zest is ready, set it aside. Heat your olive oil in a sauce pan over medium heat. Wait for the olive oil to start forming bubbles before you take it out of the stove. Then, set it aside to cool so you can get the warm temperature, not hot. Mix the lemon zest with the heated olive oil in one container. Make sure you leave the mixture for at least 30 minutes before using to ensure that the flavor and aroma from the zest is fully incorporated into the oil.

The lemony oil is great for salad or everyday cooking. If you’re a pasta fan and want to add more fancy flavors to your dish, this next infusion recipe is a must-try.


Garlic Olive Oil

Garlic, live olive oil, is one of the most popular ingredients used for cooking worldwide. Therefore, a mixture of these two flavors can create a sublime outcome. Depending on how garlic-y you would want the oil to be, you can choose how many cloves of garlic to use.

Toss the garlic cloves over low heat in a sauce pan. Add in the olive oil. Leave the garlic and oil mixture to simmer for no more than 20 minutes. The idea is to warm the oil and the garlic so that the flavors are excreted and combine together. You do not want to cook the oil.

When you are done, strain the garlic from the olive oil mixture. Or you can also leave the garlic in and pour it into the container. The longer the garlic sits on the olive oil, the more potent the flavor becomes.

You may now use this olive oil infusion for adding flavor to your pasta dish. Trust me, it will make a world of difference! If you like something to spice up your ramen, this next olive oil infusion is for you!


Chili Olive Oil

This olive oil infusion recipe is highly versatile due to the many varieties of chili to choose from. You can therefore take your own liberty to choose which chili to use. But Thai chili is one of the most popular types of chili used for this recipe.

As with the garlic, you will need a sauce pan to heat the olive oil and chili. Set the heat to low. Wait for the olive oil and chili mixture to simmer before you take it out of the heat. This will take approximately 20 minutes. Use a strainer to separate the chili from the olive oil and transfer it to a new container.

With this recipe, you can get a hint of spice and kick to your olive oil. Therefore, this infusion recipe is used for drizzling over a ramen or other types of soup. The chili provides another layer of flavor to the dish. If you’d like to try another herbed olive oil infusion, check out this next recipe.


Basil Olive Oil

Basil is a popular Italian herb that is used in a number of dishes. The basil-infused olive oil recipe is very easy and super tasty! Hence, it is a must-try especially if you have basil in your garden.

For this recipe, you will need fresh basil leaves (the number of which depend on how potent you want the infusion to be). Put the basil leaves into a blender with olive oil. This will create a basil and olive oil puree. Once the texture is smooth, put the mixture in a sauce pan and wait for it to simmer. Use a strainer to filter out the basil leaves from the mixture once you are done heating it. Set the mixture aside for a few hours.

Transfer the mixture into an airtight container. However, leave the dark liquid at the bottom of the mixture that settles. You can use this olive oil infused recipe as a condiment or to marinade.


Pepper Olive Oil

This is another excellent way to add another layer of flavor to olive oil. Take out pepper seeds and toss them into a sauce pan to heat. Add in the olive oil and allow the mixture to simmer. It will take roughly 15-20 minutes to achieve the right temperature and formula for the olive oil.

Once the mixture is done simmering, take out the olive oil from the pan. Make sure to sift the pepper seeds out before you transfer it into another container. The heat will help to extract the flavor from the pepper seeds and infuse it with the olive oil.

This is a great olive oil infusion recipe that you can use for salads or pasta dishes. The flavor and aroma of olive oil and pepper also complement each other well. Therefore, it is a great recipe that you can use to bring more flavor to a regular olive oil. Are you ready for the last infusion recipe?


Oregano Olive Oil

Aside from basil and rosemary, oregano is another great herb that you can use to infuse flavor into olive oil. The steps are just as simple as the other recipes. Take out a sauce pan and turn on low heat. Add the oregano and olive oil into the pan. Stir the mixture occasionally for the next 20 minutes. When the mixture has warmed up, set it aside. Allow it to cool before you transfer it to another container.

Use a fine mesh strainer to discard the oregano leaves. That way, you only leave the flavor of the oregano behind but not the leaves. You can use this infused olive oil for up to 2 weeks. You may now use the oregano olive oil infusion to add flavor to salad, or finish off cooked pasta. You can also use it as a dip for bread or drizzle over roasted vegetables.

Which of these olive oil infusion recipes would you like to try?