7 Steps to Brew Homemade Cold Coffee


Craving for brewed cold coffee? Before you pick up your keys to head to the nearest Starbucks, you should read this first. It is easy to brew your own caffeine drink concoctions at home when you need refreshment or that caffeine kick! If you love iced coffee, you will never want to go out of the house to enjoy them with this easy recipe.

Follow the steps below for an easy step by step guide to how to get it done and enjoy cold coffee drinks that are as good as Starbucks’ (if not better!).


Gather Your Ingredients

A cold brewed coffee is easier to make than it seems. You do not need expensive coffee machines in order to make one at home.

To get started, you should prepare the following set of ingredients: whole coffee beans, cold water, ice, milk, and sweeteners (you can use sugar, melted chocolate, chocolate syrup or caramel). Aside from these ingredients, you need to prepare the tools you need as well. For example, you will need a French Press, extra container and cheesecloth.

Easy, right? Not really! Most of these ingredients are already available in your kitchen. But there is one ingredient that you need to pay closer attention to. It can make or break the brewing quality of your iced coffee so you need to take some time to look around for this ingredient. Want to know what it is? You can find out what it is in this next section.


Find Good Quality Coffee Beans

If you expect to enjoy delicious iced coffee, then you need to source out the highest quality coffee beans as possible. Good beans do not just happen out of luck. They should be ground from the best! There is no stressing this enough – there is simply no way to get around this most basic rule when it comes to brewing coffee.

If you do not know where to get the best quality coffee beans in your area, do your research or ask around. Make sure you get them roasted locally whenever possible. Make sure you wait right when you are about to brew them before you grind those beans. Opt for a course grind. When you want to make regular coffee, then finely ground coffee beans is a must. But for home brewed coffee, you need to use coarse beans.

Now that you understand the importance of using high quality coffee beans, you are ready to start the next step.


Prepping for Brew

The ratio of coffee to water varies greatly based on your personal preferences. Some people like their brewed coffee strong while others want only a hint of caffeine. If you do not know how to appropriate the coffee into the mixture, you can try combining ¾ cup of coffee beans with 4 cups of water (cold). You can also use a French press so it is easier for you to fit in the measurements.

Make sure to stir the mixture so that the ground coffee is well incorporated into the water. Cover the coffee and water mixture and set aside for the next 12 hours. If you want to save time, you can prepare this at the evening and then check on the coffee and water mixture the morning after.

The next day, when you bring the coffee mixture out, you need to prepare cheesecloth. To find out what you are going to use it for, proceed to the next step.


Sift the Mixture

As mentioned in the previous step, you need to use cheesecloth in this next step. You will need it for straining your coffee mixture. Straining is important since you are using coarsely ground coffee. If you used a French press for allowing the coffee mixture to sit, then the rest of the steps should be easy. Simply place the cheesecloth over the lid of the container and then use it for straining coarse ground beans onto the next container.

The cheesecloth will ensure that only fine coffee mixture is transferred onto the new container. Allow the coarser bits of coffee to sit on top of the cheesecloth until you’ve allowed all of the liquid to drain from the mixture.

Once you are done straining, set the strainer aside. It is important to not let the coffee to sit in the French Press for more than 24 hours.

Are you ready for the next step?


Prepare the Brewed Coffee

After straining the coffee, you can choose to add more coffee or water into the mixture (depends on how strong you want your brewed coffee to be). If you want a strong caffeine flavor, a 2:1 ratio for coffee and water is recommended. But if you find that too strong, a 1:1 ratio is what would suit you.

Again, you can choose to add sweeter or milk and cream into your cold brewed coffee mixture. It depends on your personal preference and how you’d like to enjoy your caffeinated drink. Make sure to add the sweeteners gradually, though. The worst thing that could happen is for you to add too much sweetener and it will overpower the flavor of the coffee. It is important that the coffee flavor will stand out. Also, brewed coffee will taste naturally sweeter as compared to traditional coffee.

If you are trying to make variations to the size of the serving, here are a few important notes to keep in mind.


Recipe Notes on Brewing Cold Coffee

Before you move on to the next step, it is important to get a few basic tips when doing a large batch of cold brewed coffee. You will also find tips on coming up with different flavor variations on your iced coffee.

If you have a large sized French press, it is completely okay to prepare a large batch of cold brewed coffee at home. However, you need to adjust the ratio of the coffee with the water you use to ensure that you can get the same kind of flavor. If you have extra coffee, you must set it aside to a new container and do not leave it on the French Press where you let it sit for a few hours. You can refrigerate your iced coffee for up to one week.

Meanwhile, you can try different variations to the flavor – add cinnamon, chocolate fudge or caramel to your iced coffee or a pinch of sea salt. Again, take note of the amount of ingredients you add to keep it from becoming too sweet.


Finish Off Your Iced Coffee

This is where the fun part really begins… you can make your homemade iced brewed coffee look like those made at Starbucks if you put on a little creativity. You can top off your iced brewed coffee with caramel or chocolate shavings. You can also put in some fudge or chocolate sauce! It is fun to be creative and feel like you just went on a trip to Starbucks when you really prepared the coffee at home! You could end up saving lots of dollars for every trip to your favorite coffee shop you did not make!

But if you want to enjoy the goodness of the brewed coffee on its own, simply add a couple cubes of ice. Now, you can relax on a hot day and enjoy the refreshing taste of iced coffee with every sip. When it is hot out there, you deserve a cold break. And there is nothing more satisfying and energizing than the caffeine kick you can get from coffee!

Do you like making homemade iced coffee?

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