7 Secrets to Getting the Best Travel Insurance

Going on a vacation is always an exciting prospect. However, a lot can go wrong during your vacation so you need to come prepared. And by prepared, it means you should obtain a travel insurance. If you have insurance, you can rest your mind knowing that any case of accident can be handled by your insurance company and you can travel with no worries.

Unfortunately, travel insurance rates can be really high and you could end up spending a lot of money for them. You have come to the right place, however. With these 7 tips you can get the best deals on your travel insurance:

travel agency

1. Avoid travel agencies or tour operators.

They might sound convenient or convince you to believe so. Don’t fall into their marketing trap. You can actually save more if you avoid them.



2. Know what you need first.

This is another common misconception for people looking to get travel insurance. Before you are tempted to look at comparison sites to find the ‘best’ insurance rates, create a checklist of what you need to get covered first. This will allow you to accurately compare different insurance packages based on your needs. What good would an affordable insurance be if your needs are not completely covered?




3. Understand how the excess work.

It is important to read up about how travel insurance works before you sign a contract. if you had to cover higher excess fees, then you might want to re-think your decision to obtain a particular policy as it might not be worth having.


insurance policy

4. Check your other insurance coverage.

Aside from understanding how travel insurance works, you must also look into your other insurance policies. This will help you save big by eliminating any add-ons to your insurance policy that are already covered for by the other existing coverage. For example, if you have insurance that will cover for loss of your valuables, then there is no need to include that in your travel insurance quotation.


how often do you travel

5. How often do you travel?

It is an important question to ask yourself because this will also determine the cost of your insurance package. Do you travel three times a year or one? If you travel often, an annual coverage could mean more savings. But if you do not travel often, then you can purchase insurance for every trip.



6. Check the age limits and medical exclusions.

This is another important detail you shouldn’t miss when looking out for travel insurance deals. Do you have an existing medical condition? Or are you at a point in your life wherein traveling is considered risky? Either way, you need to take this into account when doing your comparison shopping. If you are aged 60 and above, you might be declined for insurance or get them for expensive rates, no matter how fit you claim to be.


be honest with your activities

7. Be honest about your activities.

If you want to get covered, you should identify activities that might be considered “risky” by the insurer. You might be on a scuba diving or skiing trip. While you do your best to stay safe, accidents can happen. Make sure you are covered when engaging in these activities.

How do you scope out the best travel insurance deals?


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