7 Ways to Get Rid of a Cold

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Despite being common, you can never get used to the inconveniences that come with having a cold. You will find yourself sneezing and coughing constantly, on top of the annoying runny nose or nasal congestion. The worst part is that you feel weak and lethargic that you just do not want to do anything else but lie in bed the whole day. The worst part about the common cold is that there does not seem to be a miracle cure – all other medicines you take are designed to ease any of the common symptoms mentioned above. The world has a lot to offer that you shouldn’t be wasting your days cloaked in a blanket with Kleenex in hand.

Try out any of these proven remedies to heal your cold faster so you will feel better sooner!


Step 1: Gargling!

When you notice the first sign of cold, your mother have probably offered you the best remedy to get temporary relief (especially when you exhibit sore throat during the earlier days of cold). Gargling with lukewarm water with some salt can reduce the soreness in your throat, which makes even gulping your own saliva painful or annoying. You can also try a mixture of honey and apple cider vinegar for instant relief.


drink lots of fluid

Step 2: Getting More Fluids!

Here’s another remedy that you often hear from your mother: drink more water! In general, your body needs more water when you are feeling sick to avoid dehydration. Do not just drink ANY fluid, however. Drink more water, natural juices or lemon water but avoid sodas or caffeinated drinks.


blow nose

Step 3: Blow Your Nose

Before you start blowing your nose hard to get rid of any mucus that might have formed in there, here’s a quick reminder: there is a right way to do it! Use one finger to press onto one nostril so you can blow out the other nostril. Do not blow it so hard as it can cause phlegm to travel to your ear passages, which consequently lead to earaches.


steamy shower

Step 4: Steamy Shower

When it is cold outside, a steamy shower can provide a therapeutic effect on your body. The same benefit can also be enjoyed when you have a cold. Do not heed the age-old advice that bathing when you have a cold is bad for you (or can worsen your cold). Have a steamy shower or bath instead.


oil pulling

Step 5: Oil Pulling

Have you tried oil pulling before? If not, you need to as this Ayurvedic remedy instantly provides relief from cold. You can use coconut oil or cold-pressed oil since the beneficial anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties can fight the cause of cold. When you are done with oil pulling, don’t forget to rinse your mouth using lukewarm water.


neti pot

Step 6: Neti Pot

This is another traditional method of providing relief from cold. Like oil pulling, this method is also designed to flush out the mucus from your system that is causing nasal congestion or runny nose. The Neti pot is a DIY solution that flushes and cleans your nasal passage with a saltwater solution. You can get your Neti pot from your favorite drug store.


Step 7: Get Some Sleep

Most colds are due to exhaustion, which in turn weakens your immunity system and makes you vulnerable to catching the common cold. One of the easiest steps to get relief from cold is to get some sleep and make sure you are well rested.

Which of these remedies for cold have you tried? Which one worked fastest on you?

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