7 Ways To Make People Keep Your Business Card

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Despite the computer technology and social media we have at this day and age, business card is still widely accepted as for personal connections that generates leads. However, despite of being an old tool, many people still don’t know how to make a business card that stands out. Business cards are more than just a piece of paper that contains your contact details. It is your first tool to make a good impression. If you don’t want your card to end up in the trash, then you should make your card worth keeping. Here are seven great ways to make your business card stand out.

organize format

1. Organize and Format, but Make it Fun

Organizing and formatting the info you want to include in your business card is essential, you can’t simply put things in random. Good format makes it easier for people to read and remember. How you design and organize or format your card speaks a lot about you and your business, beyond just having a beautiful card worth to keep.

Think carefully on how you want to place your name, contact details (phone number or email), Facebook fan page, Twitter handle or website URL and business logo. Don’t simply fall for the standard format, take your design to the next level and customize your card beyond the normal standard. A quick online search will give you more information than you need for formatting your business card. Rather than stuffing the tiny piece of paper with your complete address, put your Twitter handle and website URL in an easy-to-read manner (and size). Also, consider how much information you share. Never put your contact number, complete address, email, Facebook page, Twitter, website URL and LinkedIn URL altogether. Rather, determine where you usually engage and communicate with your prospects and clients.

signature color

2. Have your signature color (or choose bold colors)

People are attracted to vibrant colors. As a matter of fact, psychologists say people associate colors with things to remember it better. It’s our brain’s way to improve our memory as it makes an extra “memory tag” to particular items.

Many people are afraid to use bold colors, and opting for the usual black and white combination. If you, your business/company have a signature color, you might want to choose vibrant colors.

There are actually a lot of things you can do with colors. If you use black or white (or gray) in your logo, then you can play it around with a vibrant color to make the little piece of paper stand out. You can also never go wrong with bright color on white. You can even use combinations of colors, just make sure it doesn’t hurt the eyes. Colors in your card can help build your personal brand.



3. Use glossy finish or add some embossing

Gloss has become very popular for business cards these days. It gives a nice professional touch. It raises the surface of the paper slightly as it adds more tactile feel that will make anyone that receives the card run their thumb across the paper (yep, many people love to rub their thumb on business cards with nice texture).

If you use particular color or color combinations, shiny accents can make colors pop up more. This will visually raise the surface and give different textures, giving people more reason to run their thumb across it. This is an element of dimension that can make your business card standout from the crowd.

Embossing on the other hand, adds a classy and sophisticated feel, and it’s a great way to attract attention. It’s hard not to notice to words printed with embossed lettering. This can work perfectly for cards that use minimal design, as the embossed letters adds nice accents.


textured paper

4. Use textured paper. Or better yet, experiment on unique materials

Who says business cards should always be made up of plain paper? Texture adds a huge impact on how cards look and how it is perceived. There are many ways to play with this one. A rich colored paper with a linen texture for example, can give the card a good weighted feel. Cross weave patterns on the other hand, adds a unique design element to the card.

Unique materials on the other hand, are where cards can really stand out; it shows creativity, while at the same time, capture people’s attention. If you’re an eyeglass maker, you can use a clear plastic card with your name, contact details and logo screen printed on it. For architects or construction companies, you can use acrylic plastic card with bright color; it makes an excellent card that is hard to ignore. Many printing companies out there offer variety of materials, but remember, this option can be pricey.

die cuts

5. Experiment on Shapes or Have Some Die Cuts (Holes)

Business cards don’t have to be 3.5-inch x 2-inches rectangle. You can do anything you want and play around with the shape and size. Of course, you have to make sure the shape adheres to your business. Circular cards for example (vintage button ups), are great for craft shops. You can also make the shape represent your logo or the first letter of your company. Make sure your card’s shape and size can still fit in standard business card organizers though.

Die cuts adds playful personality to your business cards. You can have a die cut of your logo or a simple icon or shape that represents your business. Make sure you don’t put the cuts close to the edge of the card, and don’t overdo it (leave enough material, don’t take off too much material from the card), as this will make your card feel flimsy and easy to bend.

with tagline

6. Have a smart quote or a catchphrase that matches you (and your business or company)

Many people use quotes, proverbs, and slogans that have little to do with their business or the things they offer. Don’t fall into this mistake just to fill the tiny space left in your business card. Rather, spend time to brainstorm to come up with the best catchy phrase or wise quote that suits you and your business. Ask your friends, staff and family for help, they might have some great ideas in mind.

Personal quote offers a great way to add life to your card, it brings more personality to your card and help people remember your name better, keep your contact details and recognize your business logo. You can also design cards with different design on one side and your catchy quote on the other, so you can have alternate designs for everyone. If you really can’t come up with new quotes, then use your business slogan instead.


7. Make a useful card

If you can find someone to tie your business to some unique, handy, and useful tool, then take advantage of it! This is probably the most creative and interesting thing to do with your business card, and it makes your card hard to throw away.

For optometrists out there, you can turn your business card into a mini eye chart. It’s a smart way to tell people to get their eyes checked if they have trouble making out any letters and words in your card. If you’re running a home security system company, then a steel card with handy, detachable lock picking tools will remind people the dangers burglars and thieves that can easily break into our homes. If you’re in a brewery business or working for a bottling company, then a steel card with bottle opener can come quite handy for your clients. They may even include it in their keychain! Be creative with it! Have fun!

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