7 Ways To Say Thank You

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Even though saying “thank you” might appear to be an easy task, the act of actually saying it is difficult. There are some things that require a little extra effort depending on the gravity of favor or the amount of appreciation involved. If you are the one intending to say “thank you”, you need to be more creative in order for the sense of gratitude to be conveyed more effectively.

thank you note

1. Send a “Thank You” Note

Sure, this seems like an obvious way to express your gratitude. However, there are several ways you can personalize a note to make it fit for the recipient and to send your intended message. It is therefore a great way to show gratitude because the recipient do not know what message to expect.


digital card

2. Digital “Thank You” Card

Not creative enough? No problem! The internet provides easy to use and free tools to make you own digital card. You can therefore customize the card’s design and message.


treat them

3. Treat Them

When someone did a favor for you, you can return the favor by giving them a treat. You can choose a treat that is suited for their interest. For example, if they are a foodie, you can treat them to a dinner at their favorite restaurant. Meanwhile, if the person is a sports fan, you can buy them a ticket and join them to watch their favorite sports team play.



4. Bake them Dessert

Dessert is such a special treat and people of all ages love them! Hence, you can make fresh baked ones for the person you want to say thanks to. You can go from simple to extravagant – it’s all up to your baking skills! The person will undoubtedly appreciate the effort.


gift card

5. Gift Card

No idea on how to treat someone who you wanted to say thanks to? What about giving them a gift card? This is a practical gift idea to express gratitude because you can give them the opportunity to buy whatever they want with the gift card.


flower basket

6. Send a Flower Basket

This is another traditional way to say thank you to someone who has given you a favor, or done something special for you. You can assemble the flower basket on your own or conveniently buy one from a floral shop. Either way, it is also important to go the extra mile and take time to learn about the person’s favorite flowers for them to appreciate it more.


pay it forward

7. Pay it Forward

The best kind of gift and way to say thank you is by paying it forward. Reward their act of kindness or generosity by doing the exact same favor to another individual. If the person is supporting a special cause, you can take part in that cause and do something to help it out. The person is going to appreciate it more than any material gift.

Saying thank you can be done numerous ways and the items on the list are just a few of the special ones you can do. How do you say thank you? How do you make it special?

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