7 ways you can set goals now

Goal setting can be a very elusive problem. For some people it comes so naturally while others struggle just to remember what it was they wanted to achieve in the first place.

Keep in mind that setting goals is like a chemistry project. There needs to be different elements involved if your goals are going to stay alive long enough to be reached.

The next time you want to do some “goal setting” use these 7 methods to make them stick.

1. Motivation Is Key:

If you are going to choose a goal then consider the part it plays in your life. In other words, how much motivation do you have to reach that goal? The best way to determine this is to visualize the outcome. Will it be a life changing experience or something that will probably be forgotten within a week?

Without the right motivation you can set all the goals in the world without success, because your investment in the outcome is a crucial aspect. A goal has to be empowered by your motivation, so settle on something that brings out the winner inside you.

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