7 Ways To Stay Focused

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The human mind is a wonderful thing and it is filled with great visions, ideas, thoughts, concepts, debates and everything else that makes life worthwhile. The only problem we have is keeping our focus on a single project.

Distractions are all around us and they either deter us from being more productive during the day or eats away at long-term goals. The following 7 ways to increase focus can be used for both short- and long term goals.

1. Start Breathing:

start breathing
You’ll never know how important breathing can be until you pay attention to it. Apart from the medical research that has proven simple breathing exercises promote overall health, it is a common method for staying focused. Before you start a task, sit back, relax and take about 10 deep breaths.

You’ll be surprised at how clear your mind can be once the oxygen starts working. But don’t limit yourself. If you notice distractions popping up then take those deep breaths again and get your focus back.

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