7 Ways to Enjoy Costa Rica When Travel

Cost Rica may be one of the smallest countries, but it has the greatest selection of animal and plants species in the world. If you are considering a trip to this amazing country there are certain things you need to be aware of when you travel to Costa Rica.

The first being that it rains all year round, so make sure that you pack a light rain jacket. The second is that you should avoid traveling there between Christmas and New Year and at Easter. These are important holiday periods and most hotels will be fully booked weeks in advance.

But once you do get to Costa Rica there are plenty of things to do and see. Below we have put together 7 experiences that you won’t want to miss when you travel to Costa Rica.


Zip line over rain forrest in Monteverde

Experience 1 – Soar Like An Eagle Over The Jungle Of Monteverde

Monteverde is an area of Costa Rica that is with ripe with mystical could and rain forests. You have the opportunity to enjoy amazing views of the Volcan Arenal. Plus if you love hiking then this is the perfect spot for you to visit.

But one experience that you will find not only exhilirating but also breath taking is a Costa Rican canopy tour. As you soar in the air you have the opportunity to the same views that birds enjoy each time they soar above it. This is one experience that you won’t ever forget, as long as you aren’t afraid of heights.

Don’t take a camera you simply won’t have time to take shots. Also make sure that you wear trainers or other close toed shoes. If you don’t then you you won’t be allowed to take a trip down the zip line.



Experience 2 – Meet The Sloths At Cahulta

Cahulta is located on the caribbean side of the country and is an area not to be missed. Along with some truly stunning beaches you have the opportunity to just relax and unwind.
But one experience not to be missed when you choose to travel to Costa Rica is the Sloth Sanctuary.

Costa Rica has been undergoing a great deal of redevelopment so the natural habit of these animals has been affected.

At the sanctuary they take in those that have been injured or abandoned. Then if possible they release them back into the wild. But for those that they cannot be released back into the wild they live out their lives in the sanctuary.

Whilst at the sanctuary arrange to take the canal boat tour. This allows you to see these beautiful creatures in their natural habit once more.


waterfall los chorros

Experience 3 – Take A Dip In A Secret Waterfall

One thing that you get with all the lush vegetation and it raining for 6 months of the year is there are lots of amazing waterfalls for you to enjoy. As you travel through the mountain town many have such and you may find this becomes one of your most favoured spots, in fct pretty sure that you’ll keep going back time after time.

Don’t be afraid to ask the locals as they are sure to know where the best ones are. Again make sure that you wear suitable clothing and be prepared the water will be quite cold. There are few, which are well known such as Los Chorros found in the Grecia area of the country. Even so you’ll often find that these don’t often get that crowded. This is the perfect place for any couple to spend a little quality time together. What could be more romantic!



Experience 4 – See The Monkeys Scampering Along The Beach

Another experience not to be missed is watching the monkeys as they play on the beach at Manuel Antonio. The place you need to head to is at the far end of town as this is where the National Park is located.

As you enjoy time relaxing on the beach here you can spend your time watching the wildlife. Along with a large selection of land animals to see there is plenty of marine life as well to enjoy. But one thing that you shouldn’t miss is the white-faced capuchin monkeys. Each day around lunchtime they come out and run wild. Not just along the beach but as well as on the paths that surround this amazing park.

But be careful the monkeys may look cute and fun to watch. But they are after only one thing your food. They love nothing better than to rifle through bags to see what they can take because it looks so nice.



Experience 5 – Take A Look Into An Active Crater

There are a total of five active volcanoes in Costa Rica. But if you want to be able to look into one then a visit to Volcan Poas is a must. This particular one is located about an hour from Grecia. The great thing about such is how lovely it is and how easy it is to get to.

You drive up and are able to park just 1/2 mile away from the crater. Once you have reached the top you can enjoy the spectacle of the numerous craters there. Some of which are filled with colorful water. If you are really luck you may even get the opportunity to view a small eruption, don’t worry they are pretty harmless. Again make sure that you wear suitable clothing and a good pair of shoes to walk from the car park up to the craters.



Experience 6 – Visit A Tope

If you really want to experience Costa Rican culture then you need to make sure that you go to a tope. If you aren’t sure what one of these is to put it in its most simple of terms it is a horse parade. Such parades tend to take every other weekend throughout the country.

Okay this may not seem as exciting as some of the other experiences mentioned in this article. But it is one that you will have a really great time at as you get to spend time with the locals. If you can make sure that you take in an evening parade as often the antics of the riders overshadows the horses.

If you do take in such an experience be ready to wait some time as there is regular time then there is Tico time. Be prepared for the parade to start an hour after it was supposed to.



Experience 7 – Take A Trip Through The Orosi Valley

Of all the areas in Costa Rica you’ll find that the Orosi Valley is the most under used. If you can arrange to spend at least 2 days of your trip to the country traveling through this area.

Begin your trip in San Jose before then heading to the areas old capital Cartago. Make sure you spare time to enjoy the spectacle of “Our Lady of the Basilica” church. Then continue your journey taking in some truly amazing botanical gardens along the way. Also make sure that you put time aside to visit the oldest church in Costa Rica. The Orosi Church is still in use today. Then from here move on to the Cachi Dam, where there are hot springs and amazing views to enjoy.

Make sure that you stay in one of the many hotels as most have natural hot ponds, the perfect place to spend time relaxing and unwinding after a day’s exploration.

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